We want to keep life as simple as possible, as well as looking out for our carbon footprint.

On this page you’ll find a few useful documents, links and numbers – which can be printed off or simply saved to your phone or PC.

Brentacre Documents

Brentacre Standard Documents

Insurer Documentation

Highway Insurance Documents

Markerstudy Insurance Documents

Markerstudy Commercial Documents

ERS Policy Documents

Ageas Optima Documents

XPEKT Insurance Documents

Addon Documents

Motorplus Keyback Documents

ALPS Road Rescue Policy

ERS Road Rescue Policy

Tools in Transit - Motorplus

Substitute Vehicle - Motorplus

Social Media Feature

Social Media Form


If you’re having trouble completing the form on a mobile device, please download Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Brentacre Assist

If you have legal cover as part of your policy and need to report an incident, call our dedicated claims team on:

0344 576 1580

and we will handle all aspects of your claim. For more information about this service, the provider and regulation, see the Brentacre Assist page.


Whilst we would always like to take your call, we do occasionally have to go home.  In case you cant get hold of us, we have listed below lots of useful numbers that you may need.

Hopefully we have covered all the bases, however, if you notice that we have missed any, please let us know so we can get them added straight away.

If there is any confusion as to which number you are to use, please contact the office on 01792 650 933 and we will guide you to the right one!

Markerstudy – Claims Line – 0344 705 8183

Markerstudy – Windscreen Claims – 0800 015 0207

Highway – Claims Line – 0800 028 9655

Highway – Windscreen Claims – 0800 678 1010

Xpekt Insurance – Claims Line – 0844 873 8183

Equity Red Star – Claims Line – 0345 602 3379

Equity Red Star – Windscreen Claims – 0345 602 3379

Equity Red Star Classic Breakdown* – 0800 587 6074 or 01277 235961

Ageas Claims Line – 0370 240 1895

Ageas Windscreen Claims – 0800 854 454

Motorplus Key Cover – 0333 241 9580

Alps Breakdown Cover* – 0845 600 5801

Laser / Creation Finance – 0371 376 9200

*Please ensure you have a live policy with the breakdown company before calling. Recoveries made outside of a policy may attract charges with the company which Brentacre cannot be liable for.