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Transporters R Us Camper and Van Insurance

We are always looking to offer you the most complete service we can, and make Transporters R Us your one stop shop for all things Camper and Transporters. As we are the leading UK's biggest T4 & T5 Parts and Accessory Specialists we thought we'd go one step further and offer you a Market Leading Policy for your Camper or Transporter.

Here at Transporters R Us we are big petrol heads (or diesel heads if you prefer), so we understand the vehicles and can give you the right advice, we have a real passion and care for what we are doing and we are proud to be able to offer you Insurance run by fellow enthusiasts.

If you've got a Modified Van, Camper Van, Classic Van or even a Standard Van and are looking for a good deal on your insurance then you're in the right place!

We will MATCH and try and BEAT any other 'Like for Like' insurance quote, with added bonuses.

Staying true to our Ethos and Reputation of giving experienced, reliable and honest advice we will only quote you on what insurance you need to be insured if anything should happen. What does this mean I hear you saying? Some insurance companies will put you on the cheapest policy possible even if that means putting you on a policy that you may not necessarily we covered on! For instance you may be quoted for 'Camper Van' Insurance but actually have a 'Day Van' and require Day Van insurance - this is a different type of cover, so below is a non-jargon explanation of what each insurance is.

So, here are the Top 10 Reasons to insure your vehicle through Transporters R Us Specialist Van Insurance (we thought more than 10 would just be showing off!). Volkswagen Transporter

*Evidence of alternative quotation may be required.
**Subject to up to date photographs and a valuation.
***Remapping up to one stage, if you want more power you may have to pay extra.
****All modifications must be notified and accepted.

Please READ the Van Definitions clearly stated before Completing the Insurance Quotation.

Modified Van Insurance

Modified Van Insurance is where you, or anyone else prior to you owning the van has modified the van from factory specifications. For example if you have lowered, remapped put alloy wheels on, added engine modifications, inter coolers, spoilers, body kits, sidebars, even changing the lights from standard to aftermarket lights, the list goes on...these are all modifications.

Camper Van Insurance

Camper Van Insurance is where you have a 'Camper' which has a rock 'n' roll bed, storage unites, cooking facilities, water on board with at least middle windows or maybe a pop-top roof, then this is a Camper Van and you would require Camper Van Insurance. Must be registered with the DVLA as a Camper.

Day Van Insurance

Day Van Insurance is different to Camper Van Insurance - A Day Van is a rock 'n' roll bed with storage units but no camping facilities (gas, water) and it is used on a regular basis, like a dual purpose used for work in the week but go away camping at the weekend even if it has windows in. If you have converted your van to a camper van this would be done through the DVLA and would be on your log book as a Camper not Transporter or Van.

Classic Van Insurance

Classic Van Insurance is if your beloved van is now a 'Classic' due to it's increased age of 20 years* old then you would require Classic Van Insurance.

Standard Van Insurance

Standard Van Insurance is where NO modifications have been made and the van is as it was when it left the factory.

We will only quote on the insurance you require to keep you fully covered. If your van differs slightly from the above don't be afraid of calling us for that expected steep quotation I think you'll be surprised on how price competitive we are. If you do find a like for like policy cheaper elsewhere we will MATCH it! Guaranteed.

Don't give your insurance companies any excuse or reason not to pay out because you haven't declared modifications. If you have chosen the correct insurance then you have no worries should you need to claim on your insurance. Happy Days.

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