The BMW Car Club GB

The Club provides products, services and events which enhance the enjoyment, value and experience all BMW owners and enthusiasts get from their cars. As well as receiving a quality monthly Club magazine, Straight Six, members can enjoy a wide selection of Club benefits and activities including;

  • Discounts on BMW servicing, parts and lifestyle accessories
  • Savings on insurances and warranties
  • Discounted hotel stays
  • UK and European tours
  • Factory visits in the UK and Europe
  • Track days
  • Concours events
  • Discounted trips to various car shows and motorsport events
  • Club shop

A combination of these discounts can repay the annual membership fee many times over.

BMW CC Master Elements

Contact - 07803 826126

The National Can-Am Club

We are a national club who welcomes anyone with an interest and passion for Canadian & American vehicles - whether they are Classic, Rod or Custom of any age. Even if you don't have a car at the moment you will be welcome. As well as a busy show calendar we also have lots of fun socials so there's something for everyone.

As a member you will receive a regular full colour magazine to keep you up to date with all the news & events. We host an active Facebook community and have a great new website that's well worth a visit.  You will also as a member benefit from great things including discount off your insurance, car parts and cleaning products.  We have a full range of regalia and other goodies for you to buy. We also host two shows a year in support of local charities. So if this sounds good to you why not join on of the longest running American car clubs in the UK. Visit our website for further details.

 Contact - 07717 948102

The Ford Capri 'Brooklands 280' Club

The Brooklands280 website is not a club as such.

It's a website dedicated to the promotion, restoration, sale and general support for the Ford Capri 280. The site has been established for over 10 years and gets hits from nearly every nation around the world. Capri 280's have been sold to Australia, South Africa, Isle of Man, Ireland and many locations around the UK.  There is no other site with such a following for the Ford Capri 280.

The site was set up as a hobby. It soon progressed to become the top site for pictures and advice about Capri 280's with hits from all over the globe.

When I decided to sell my first 280 in June 1996 (which I owned for 8 years) I realised there were many folk out there who were searching for a fabulous Capri 280 and who didn't want to spend months making it look great. Enter Dr Brooklands!

I have owned and shown many of my privately owned Capri 280's in the past 10 years and still the message is the same - people absolutely adore my cars. Plain and simple.

Due to the popularity of the private website and the pristine cars, now works with Capri The Legend Lives, a small, new company to promote the ever increasing awareness of (and accessibility to own) a Capri 280.

Based in South Wales but covering the whole of the UK, as of April 2006 I can assure you of a fairly regular stock of exquisite Capri 280's for sale. These will be limited in number as I take time to prepare each to ensure near enough show condition cars (mostly exceeding show condition).

If you are looking for a Capri 280 or just information on them, chances are you’ve usually been to my site first or will end up here eventually!"

Chris Williams, webmaster for


The Little John Car Club

This is a family run car club for petrol heads of all walks of life and different generations. Very much with the enthusiast in mind, who would like to meet up to chat and share their thought about life, petrol prices and all things motoring!  Based in the Ravenshead area of Nottinghamshire with regular meetings at the Little John Inn.  Consumption of beer, sausage and chips are strictly mandatory!

Get in touch with Ian Clipson on 07760 880133 or contact by email on [email protected]


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