Specialist 4x4 Insurance

Brentacre Insurance has been arranging specialist insurance policies for over 30 years. In that time, we’ve gained a vast amount of knowledge on all type of vehicles and their uses on or off the road.

Whether you use your 4×4 for the school run, the weekly food shop or if you enjoy a bit of green laning, we can find you the right level of cover.

As we’re a modified vehicle specialist, we understand that certain uses require specific modifications. Whether you’ve added a snorkel, wheels, bigger tyres or even a tent box on the roof, we’ve got you covered.

We can cover everything from ex-military Land Rovers and other ex-MOD 4×4’s, to modified 4×4’s built for green laning, imported 4×4’s like a Pajero and even luxury models and SUVs.

4x4 Insurance

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Modified 4x4 Insurance

4×4 Insurance Policy Features:

  • Drivers age 19 – 75
  • Green Laning
  • Modifications covered like for like
  • Comprehensive
  • Main or occasional use vehicles
  • Limited Mileage Policies
  • Club Discounts

Classic and Modified

We love our classic cars and 4×4’s are no exception. We can cover a wide range of classic 4×4’s including ex-military vehicles from Land Rovers to 4×4 Trucks.

We also have no problem if you have modified your 4×4 and we are able to provide cover on a like for like basis.

In short, green laning is driving on unsurfaced tracks or trails that are open for motor vehicles whereas off-roading is just as it sounds, driving where there are no tracks or trails. At Brentacre, our 4×4 insurance policy provides you with cover for both.

Yes absolutely. Many 4×4’s that we cover are modified for off-road use. Some of the most popular modifications include a snorkel, wider tyres, bigger wheels, winches and light bars.

When you insure your 4×4 with Brentacre, you are fully covered to have a winch on your vehicle. However, there is no cover in place whilst it is in use.

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