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Specialist Campervan Insurance

Brentacre have been arranging campervan insurance policies for over 30 years for specialist and non-standard vehicles. We are now one of the largest modified campervan brokers in the UK. From a classic bay window bus to a brand new compact T6 with foldaway kitchen and kennel. We can find the right level of insurance cover for you.

Unlike other companies, vehicle use is not a problem. Whether it's a pristine 1953 split-screen keeping dry in the winter and coming out occasionally for photos, a fully equipped family adventure machine, dog salon, mobile office or surf van. Give us a call to discuss your campervan insurance requirements.

Why Use Brentacre For Your Campervan?

  • Drivers aged between 19-75
  • Courtesy vehicles available
  • Day vans and sleepers
  • Professional or DIY conversions
  • Comprehensive and TPFT
  • European travel cover
  • Breakdown available
  • Agreed values considered
  • Standard vehicles
  • Main or occasional use vehicles

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Campervan Conversion Insurance

We specialise in modified vans and love to hear about your modifications and conversions. Our aim is to provide cheap campervan insurance that is competitive with other UK companies and meets all of your requirements. Our quotes are based on you, the camper van's BHP and value.

Adding modifications to your converted campervan policy is completely free and does not attract any extra fees. When comparing campervan conversion insurance quotes, keep this in mind as the fees may surprise you.

Modifications which significantly increase the BHP or value of the vehicle may incur extra premiums. However remaps on a van can usually be added free of charge (with few exceptions).

Call us now on 01792 650 933 for more information regarding our policies or a competitive camper van insurance quote for your converted camper.

Self Build Campervan Insurance

Finding an insurance company that will cover self build campervans can be a struggle but this is where Brentacre comes in. Even if you are "mid-conversion" or just in the planning stages on a new purchase.

We are able to find a policy that suits your requirements. We also offer agreed value endorsements for those extra special campervans.

Our self build campervan insurance is one of the most highly rated in the UK and for any more information that you require, call us now on 01792 650 933.

VW Campervan Insurance

By far one the most popular insurance polices at Brentacre involves the VW campervan, which includes both classic and modern campervans. Some enthusiasts use a VW Transporter and take on a self build campervan project whereas others may simply purchase a new VW campervan such as the desirable California model.

These days, classic VW campervans are very collectible and you will want to ensure that you have the best campervan insurance possible. We are able to provide you with just that with a specialist team that are ready to help.

Benefits Of Our Camper Van Insurance

Standard and converted campervans considered
All modifications considered and replaced
Private vans or commercial available
Campervan club discount available
Free to convert and modify
Agreed values

Insurance for Campervans

Besides our low, competitive insurance premiums, we include a number of specialist benefits depending on the vehicle you're looking to cover.

We offer agreed valuations, key cover, European travel, optional breakdown cover, contents cover, salvage retention for classic vehicles and options for self-repair for the discerning DIY enthusiast. We also offer competitive motorhome insurance for registered motorhomes.

Our modified van insurance policies allow for ongoing changes and conversions and can be adjusted daily if necessary at no extra cost and keeping you properly insured every step of the way. This is the exact same for those that also want specialist modified car insurance.

No Hidden Costs

Some insurers and brokers charge an admin fee for adding modifications during the campervan policy. However, unlike other, we can add in your work as it goes on free of charge. Lowered it? Just let us know. Added Alloys? Not a problem! Barn doors, side bars, roof rack, extra windows, captain seats, cooker, decals, awnings, jacuzzi, furry dice? Great work! Drop us a line and we'll add them on to your policy at no extra charge.

The only time we'll consider the need for a charge is if you increase the power, change the cover or swap number plates. Even then it will be calculated fairly because unlike some insurers, we do understand what you're doing, why and what effect that will realistically have on the risk.

We also have laid up policies for the real long-term projects. You don't need to pay for miles driven if the engine's at the other end of the workshop.