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Import Car Insurance

One of our most popular import car insurance policies at Brentacre is for Japanense imports but of course, there are a lot more cars available to import from around the world. Unlike other specialist insurers, insuring an imported car with Brentacre is easy. While some companies struggle, we are specialists and can insure virtually any type of imported car, van or truck from all over the world providing it resides in the UK. We also allow you to add your own modifications to the vehicle too.

Why Use Brentacre For Imported Cars?

  • Insurance without registration number
  • Chassis number insurance
  • Agreed values
  • Laid up cover
  • Discounts for garaging and limited mileage

Imported Car Insurance

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American Import Car Insurance

Chassis Number Insurance

Is your imported car still unregistered? No Problem! We can cover you for a limited time on the Chassis number while you sort out the paperwork. Unlike our regular import car insurance policies, we are able to insure your vehicle based from the VIN number in order to provide a valid insurance policy.

Without a valid insurance put in place, you will not be able to legally register an imported car in the UK. Of course, this is a problem because in order to take out a standard insurance policy, you will require a registration plate, which you may not have yet. This is where our import car insurance policy comes very useful as we are able to insure your vehicle via our chassis number insurance.

As importing cars into the UK is becoming far more popular, particularly with classic cars, the demand for import car insurance is increasing. Our specialist team are able to go through the whole process and advise where possible to make your car importing experience go to plan.

Additional Benefits of Our Imported Car Insurance

Unlike other insurers, we are specialists in what we do and offer a range of benefits that can improve your experience of importing a car. Some of the other benefits that you will find with our import car insurance include:

Going straight into storage and need laid up cover? We have a policy to suit. Modifications are also covered with our usual modified cars terms and conditions. Whether you’re shipping in your dream muscle car, modified van or just buying or inheriting abroad, give us a call and see what our imported car insurance policies can do for you.

Popular Imported Cars in the UK

As mentioned above, Jap import insurance is one of our most popular imported car policies that we have to offer at Brentacre. This is mainly due to the fact that Japanese vehicles often have a better spec, lower mileage and are in generally better condition. This makes it a very desirable import purchase for most car enthusiasts in the UK.

Other popular policies include our American classic car insurance, where many people import classics from the warmer climate to avoid common rusty examples that you may otherwise find in the UK.

If you are looking for specialist imported car insurance, get in touch with our knowledgeable team and we will be able to walk you through the whole process regardless to where you are importing the vehicle.

Brentacre Insurance can insure your imported car on the VIN number. However, you are still required to register your vehicle in the UK and let us know so that we can apply the UK registration.

Not necessarily. Generally, imported vehicles are highly sought after or collectible. Therefore, when the vehicle is “specialist”, the need for it to be modified for us to cover it doesn’t come into it as much but this does depend on the vehicle.

Unfortunately, not. The majority of the time, vehicles bought abroad don’t meet the strict standards that the UK require on vehicles. Once the vehicle is ready to be driven, we can then insure it. We can however, as mentioned in a previous answer, insure the imported car under the VIN number until a UK registration is allocated.

Usually, imported vehicles are used more like a classic car policy and there’s a limited mileage option that can help reduce the costs of insurance. The use is usually different too because most imported vehicles are a second vehicle and not a daily driver. Therefore, in some cases, it can be cheaper to insure an imported vehicle.

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