Imported Car Insurance

nsuring imported cars is easy with Brentacre. While some insurers struggle, we can insure virtually any type of car, van or truck from all over the world providing it resides in the UK.

We have many Japanese performance imports insured here at Brentacre alongside American trucks and German spec VWs.

Why Use Brentacre For Imported Cars?

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Insuring Imports With Brentacre

Is your imported car still unregistered? No Problem! We can cover you for a limited time on the Chassis number while you sort out the paperwork. Going straight into storage and need laid up cover? We have a policy to suit.

Modifications are also covered with our usual modified cars terms and conditions. Whether you’re shipping in your dream muscle car, or just buying or inheriting abroad, give us a call and see what our imported car and van insurance policies can do for you.