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Performance Car Insurance

Some high performance cars are just too powerful to give realistic insurance prices through comparison sites. They can also be too complicated in the event of various performance based modifications.

However, at Brentacre, we are a performance car insurance specialist that provide a personal service based not just around the car but also the driver. This means that we can provide a quote based on the different risks. Whether you are a collector or simply require specialist performance car insurance, we’ll be able to provide a competitive quote.

We know the different risks between collectors, restorers and wannabe street racers and don’t believe that one should be paying for the other.

In high performance or rear wheel drive vehicles, we require some experience either in your current or previous cars. This way, we can aim to give you the best cover for the best possible insurance premium.

Performance Car Insurance

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Popular Performance Cars We Insure

At Brentacre, we offer competitive insurance rates and match the policy to suit your requirements. We are one of the leading performance car insurance specialists and below are some of the popular cars we insure:

  • Porsche – 911’s (GT3, Turbo, Targa), 918’s, Macan’s and 718’s
  • McLaren – 720S, 570S, 650S and  675LT
  • Ferrari – F430, 458, 488 and F12
  • Mercedes – AMG Models, SLS, SL and G Wagon
  • Audi – RS Models and R8
  • BMW – M Models, i8 and 7 Series
  • Aston Martin – Vantage, Vanquish, DB9 and DBS
  • Bentley – Continental, Bentayga and Mulsanne
  • Rolls Royce – Phantom, Ghost and Wraith
  • … and many performance based classic cars

Supercar Insurance

Why Choose Brentacre?

With Brentacre’s performance car insurance policies, you can benefit from the following features:

  • Limited mileage
  • Agreed values
  • Windscreen and key cover
  • All modifications considered
  • Car club discounts

Specialist Insurance For Performance Cars

Unlike other performance car insurance brokers, we are able to provide quotations on those that wish to add modifications to their car.

For example, popular modifications for these types of vehicles includes a performance exhaust, ECU tune/remap, vinyl wrap and so much more. Our modified vehicle insurance policies will cover all these modifications and so much more.

For a car to be classed as “high performance”, for us, it would need to be something that’s high performance from the factory and without the need for modifications.

There is no maximum value but depending on the vehicle and its value, we may be required to refer the quote to the insurers in order to provide you with a competitive premium.

As a modified specialist, we would welcome almost all modifications that you make to your car. However, when it comes to increasing the power of the vehicle, you may need to have experience at that power before we can cover it.

Brentacre does provide track day insurance but every event is looked at on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, for you to be able to drive your car on the track, the track day needs to be a properly organised event and you must have a full policy with us.

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