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Hot Rod Insurance

There is little more unique than a home-grown hot rod and finding the right hot rod insurance policy to provide an appropriate level of cover is something Brentacre excel in. Our specialist hot rod insurance policies are able to cope with the uniqueness, wide range of modifications and cater for the limited repair options available. Our policies also focus on the needs and expectations of you, the owner.

Why Insure With Brentacre?

  • Limited mileage discounts
  • Unlimited mileage available
  • Guaranteed agreed values
  • No restriction on modifications
  • Salvage retention and self-repair
  • Legal protection and EU driving cover

Hot Rod Insurance

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Insurance For Custom Hot Rods

With nearly 30 years experience arranging specialist car insurance policies and the backing of a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team, Brentacre are ideally placed to offer the right combination of service and quality insurance for your hot rod at fair premiums. We work with a number of national clubs to provide additional discounts and attend shows throughout the year where we love to speak to hot rod owners.

Our specialist hot rod insurance policies can offer complete peace of mind, no matter what the modification or how extreme the appearance. Agreed values can also be arranged as part of your hot rod insurance policy, which means we can make sure your hot rod is insured for the true value so that you’re not left arguing with a confused claims handler.

Darren Coote and Bobby are our resident experts in the office heading up the hot rod underwriting team. Whilst Darren and Bobby can’t take many calls directly, the rest of the team are empowered to give you the best hot rod insurance cover at the most competitive prices.

Specialist & Flexible Policies

The best part about our hot rod insurance policies is that as you add, remove and change your vehicle modifications, you’re always covered. You can simply drop us an email or give us a quick call and we can chop and change the specification on the policy free of charge. As long as it’s safe and legal, we have no problem keeping it fully covered.

If your hot rod isn’t quite ready for the road, we can also offer laid up cover until its ready. It’s the perfect type of insurance for your hot rod whilst it’s being built. This type of cover won’t cover you on the road but it does cover you for fire, theft and other types of damage.

If you’re a member of any hot rod clubs in the UK, we also work with a few and can offer very generous club discounts.

For example, we work closely with VHRA and we can offer club discounts for those that are members. We can also insure multiple cars including your daily driver so that you can keep all your insurance policies under one roof.

We want to do everything we can to help keep the hot rod scene in the UK alive, relevant and vibrant. Please contact Darren directly if you feel we can support you, your club or event in any way.

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