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Kit Car Insurance

Kit cars and replica vehicles are labours of love and take many hours to complete on top of the money involved. As a specialist kit car insurance broker we aim to meet as many of our clients requirements as possible. Therefore it is imperative you are covered with a policy that is specifically caters for you and your kit car.

Brentacre are able to draw on their many years experience in the kit car insurance markets and provide a tailor made policy for your vehicle.

Why Choose Brentacre For Your Kit Car?

  • Discounts for car club members
  • Limited mileage discounts
  • Agreed Values
  • Specialist UK based claims service
  • Self Repair Options
  • Salvage Retention

Kit Car Insurance

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Benefits Of Our Kit Car Insurance

Discounts For Car Club Members – If you’re part of a Replica or Kit car owners club, let us know during the quote and we’ll see if we have a discount scheme set up which could give up to 10% discount.

Limited Mileage Discounts – If you only drive your car on a weekend now and then or if you’re just taking it to shows, we can provide a discounted rate based on the amount miles you’ll be doing a year.

Agreed Values – During the quote stage we ask for the vehicle value. For a fee can provide an agreed value where we’ll look at photos and specs of your vehicle and then look to agree a value with you.

Specialist UK Based Claims Service – The insurers we use have UK based claims centres, making it easier for you to make a claim, should the unthinkable happen to you or your kit car.

Self-Repair Options – In some cases, we understand that you may want to complete repairs yourself. Some insurers would then provide you with a cash amount for you to carry out the work.

Salvage Retention – In the event of an accident, if your vehicle is deemed as beyond economical repair, you would be given a first option by insurer to retain your vehicle. The insurer may charge a fee depending on the vehicle.

Kit Car Insurance

Replica vehicles and kit cars come in a variety of different types and we are able to provide kit car insurance to suit your requirements.

Get in touch to discuss your options and to get a quotation. From Caterhams, Cobras, Locost, Spartan and even Ferrari replicas, we will be able to provide suitable insurance for them that include all the benefits mentioned.

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