Kit Car Insurance

Kit cars and replica vehicles are labours of love and they take many hours to complete on top of the money involved.

As a specialist kit car insurance broker, we aim to meet as many of our clients requirements as possible. Therefore, it’s imperative you are covered with a policy that specifically caters for you and your kit car.

Brentacre are able to draw on their many years of experience in the kit car insurance markets and provide a tailor made policy for your vehicle.

Why Choose Brentacre For Your Kit Car?

  • Discounts for car club members
  • Limited mileage discounts
  • Agreed Values
  • Specialist UK based claims service
  • Self repair options & salvage retention

Kit Car Insurance

Want A Quote For Kit Car Insurance?

Benefits Of Our Kit Car Insurance

Discounts For Car Club Members – If you’re part of a replica or kit car owners club, let us know during the quote stage and we’ll see if we have a discount scheme set up which could give up to 10% discount.

Limited Mileage Discounts – If you only drive your car on a weekend now and then or if you’re just taking it to shows, we can provide a discounted rate based on the amount miles you’ll be doing a year.

Agreed Values – During the quote stage, we ask for the vehicle’s value. For a fee, we’ll look at photos and the specification of your vehicle to provide you with an agreed value.

Specialist UK Based Claims Service – The insurers we use have a UK based claims centre, which makes it easier for you to make a claim should the unthinkable happen to you or your kit car.

Self-Repair Options – In some cases, we understand that you may want to complete repairs yourself. Some insurers would then provide you with a cash amount for you to carry out the work.

Salvage Retention – In the event of an accident, if your vehicle is deemed as beyond economical repair, you would be given a first option by the insurer to retain your vehicle. However, it’s important to note that the insurer may charge a fee depending on the vehicle.

Kit Car Insurance

Replica vehicles and kit cars come in a variety of different types and we are able to provide kit car insurance to suit all your requirements.

From Ferrari replicas to Caterham, Cobra, Locost or Spartan kit cars, we will be able to provide suitable insurance policies for all kits cars that include the benefits mentioned.

Whether you have a replica vehicle or kit car, get in touch today to discuss your options and retrieve a quotation from our experienced team.

Kit car insurance can work out cheaper due to the nature of the vehicle and its use. Generally, kit cars would be used more like a classic car insurance policy, where a limited mileage would be applied.

A lot of the older kit cars are harder to repair due to the limited amount of parts available. However, when it comes to the newer kit cars such as a Caterham, most parts are pretty much available off the shelf and they would be a lot easier to deal with in a claim. For older kit cars, you may get a cash in lieu settlement in order to source the parts yourself.

In the event of an accident, if the vehicle is written off, your policy would include salvage retention. This means that in the event of a write off, you’ll get first refusal to buying back the scrappage. Your policy is also likely to include an agreed value, which would guarantee a pay out amount for the vehicle in the event of a write off.

Yes, absolutely. If you do make any changes, you would need to let us know so that we can make a note of any modifications. As a modified car specialist, we actually welcome modifications.

At Brentacre, we can provide track day insurance. However, for us to offer this, you would need to be an existing client of ours and it would need to be an official event. All track day requests are looked at on a case by case basis and would require an additional premium for the day(s).

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