Japanese Import Car Insurance

Japanese import cars are usually very difficult to find competitive insurance cover for, but not when you insure them with Brentacre.

Our specialist staff are ready to find the best deal for your requirements. Some other companies may raise the premiums just because it may be left hand drive or have abnormal modifications.

We can consider all imported cars for insurance including Japanese imports and American Imports. If you are part of any Jap import clubs, let us know as their may be discounts applicable to you.

Our Key Jap Import Policy Features Include:

  • Drivers between the age of 19 to 75
  • Limited mileage discounts considered
  • Legal protection and key cover available
  • All modifications considered

Japanese Import Car Insurance

Want A Quote For Japanese Import Car Insurance?

Jap Import Insurance

Jap Import Cars in the UK

The popularity of Jap import cars in the UK is growing with the likes of various car manufacturers such as Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi and others being popular among car enthusiasts.

For example, many Nissan models such as Skylines, Silvia’s and SX’s are very thin on the ground in the UK but there are thousands available in Japan, which make them a great investment.

Another benefit of a Japanese import car is that they come with far better specs and lower mileage than UK cars too. Therefore this makes them very desirable in the UK but you will require a specialist Japanese import car insurance that is able to give you a competitive insurance quote.

For a competitive Japanese import car insurance online quote, get in touch with our specialist team at Brentacre. You will be able to discuss your Jap import with fellow enthusiasts that are knowledgeable within this field and find a policy that suits your requirements.

Even though we do cover Japanese imports, we still need to be selective over what we can and can’t insure. We are still a modified specialist and we would normally only cover the more collectible or out of the ordinary Jap imports.

Brentacre Insurance can insure your Jap import vehicle on the VIN number. However, you are still required to register your vehicle in the UK and let us know so we can apply the UK registration.

Not necessarily. Some imported vehicles are highly sought after and collectible, especially some of the Japanese imports. When the vehicle is “specialist”, the need for it to be modified for us to cover it doesn’t come into it as much. However, it does depend on the vehicle though because some are more collectable than others.

When it comes to insuring a car imported from Japan, there are a number of things that help to keep the costs down. For example, Jap import policies would generally be limited mileage and be used as a second vehicle used more for shows than the daily commute. Therefore, in some cases, a Japanese import insurance policy at Brentacre may be cheaper than other policies.

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