Classic Car Insurance

With nearly 30 years of experience sourcing the best insurance cover for some iconic classic cars, Brentacre is perfectly placed to protect your pride and joy should the unspeakable happen.

We work with some of the UK’s top classic car insurance companies and our team has the knowledge, passion and ability to find the right classic car insurance policy for you and your car(s).

Why Insure Your Classic Car With Brentacre?

  • UK call centre and a knowledgeable team
  • Limited mileage and car club discounts
  • Modified/customised policies
  • Flexible usage and unlimited mileage option
  • Travel through Europe
  • Windscreen cover
  • Agreed values and salvage retention
  • Historic rally and hill climb cover
  • Legal expenses
  • Insurance for all types of classic cars

Classic Car Insurance

Want A Quote For Classic Car Insurance?

Specialist Insurance For Classic Cars

When you call Brentacre, you’ll be connected quickly to a real member of staff who understands the unique challenges a classic car owner faces when trying to find the right insurance. Whilst on the phone, we will be able to gather all the information about you and your classic car to provide you with a comprehensive quote within minutes.

Our specialist classic car insurance policies are available with agreed valuations, laid-up cover, limited mileage discounts, salvage retention, self-repair, concours and historic rally cover and so much more.

Therefore, why not give us a call and get a quote to see if we can beat your classic car insurance renewal?

If you are also part of a classic car club, we also offer a range of discounts with our policies. To receive this discount, give your club a call to see what deals are in place but if none exist, ask them to give us a call to find out how we could work together.

Insurance For Classic Cars

Classic Car Agreed Valuations

Classic car values can vary greatly due to condition, use, history, mileage and many other factors but in the event of a claim, placing a value on your car is out of your hands and it’s left to an independent engineer.

These engineers are highly trained, experienced and will usually put an appropriate value down, however, they may not always be right.

This is where an agreed value becomes important and with our classic car insurance policies, we can fix the value of your classic car for 2 years. This means that you have complete peace of mind that the agreed value of your car is what will be paid out if the worst were to happen.

For further information, visit our agreed valuation page.

Modified Classic Car Insurance

Many purists aim to restore and maintain their classic cars as close to the original specifications as absolutely possible, however, there are many more who like to add their own customisations whether for looks, performance, safety, reliability or other considerations.

As a modified insurer, we have several policies dedicated to modifications and this enables us to find the perfect insurance policy for your modified car. From lowering your classic car to altering the fuel injection system, our classic car insurance is very flexible. One of our more popular policies is campervan conversion insurance where many campervans are classed as a classic due to their age (i.e. a Type 2 Campervan).

Classic Car Clubs

At Brentacre, we work with several specialist classic car owners/collectors clubs and we are able to apply discounts based on your membership. Therefore, when you speak to us regarding a classic car insurance policy, be sure to mention any clubs you belong to and we’ll see what extra deals we can offer.

If you run your own classic car club and want to consider offering your members an extra perk, get in touch and we can discuss the possibility of providing cheap classic car insurance to your club members.

Classic Car Insurance Quote

Laid Up Cover

If you don’t intend to drive your classic car just yet, we can provide zero-mileage or laid-up car insurance coverage. As long as your car is a garaged non-mover due to repairs, ongoing restoration or because it’s currently in storage, we will be able to provide appropriate cover.

This type of insurance cover for your classic car ensures that it’s protected against fire, theft or malicious damage but it’s important to note that the vehicle must be declared SORN and kept off-road at all times. If you want to get back on the road during a laid-up policy, just call us and we can switch you mid-term to a standard road-classic policy whenever you’re ready

Limited Mileage Discounts

The majority of classic cars come out for shows and sunny weekends only and won’t be getting a fraction of the use when compared to the likes of your daily driver. Therefore, why not take advantage of our limited mileage discounts that are available with our classic car policies?

The discount works by limiting your mileage to a few thousand miles in the year. This then allows us to lower the premium to match so that you’re only paying for the mileage you drive. Need unlimited mileage or the full 12,000? No problem, let us know and we’ll work out the best rates for you.

Just because your car is old, it doesn’t mean it’s a classic. Our classic car insurance requires the car to be collectable and limited in the mileage it’s doing. In regards to the age, there’s nothing set in stone as it could also be a modern classic or a future classic, so it’s entirely down to the vehicle

If you’ve modified your classic car, it may not be eligible for a classic car insurance policy as it’ll depend on the extent of the modifications. Simple things such as upgrading the brakes, alloy wheels, suspension, engine swap and so on are fine. However, if you start to change the chassis and most of the car is no longer the classic it once was, it’ll be covered under our modified policy scheme.

Generally, classic cars are cheaper to insure but it does depend on the vehicle because they’re cheaper for several reasons. With a Brentacre classic car policy, we can limit the mileage which helps to keep the costs down. However, more often than not, the vehicle also needs to be kept garaged or on a driveway. In some cases, the insurance may not be as cheap as it would normally be if it’s a very high-value vehicle.

The age at which you can be considered for a classic car insurance policy with Brentacre all depends on the vehicle. For example, what’s the value of the vehicle? What vehicle is it? What will be the use? What is your experience with vehicles of this type? We may also check whether it’s a second vehicle or your main vehicle. No one policy is ever the same, so it will be looked at on an individual basis.

Yes, you can use your classic car for daily use but again this depends on the use. If it’s going to be used for business miles, then it’s likely going to do more miles than we would like for a classic car policy. If it’s for the occasional commute to a single workplace then that would usually be fine. At the end of the day, it’s all down to the mileage that you would expect to do throughout the policy.

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