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Cat C Insurance

Cat C cars are those that will cost considerably more money to repair when compared to a Cat D write off. Insurance companies often declare vehicles as a Cat C when the repairs are not financially viable. These are normally old or low valued cars or rare vehicle where parts and the repair are expensive.

Insuring a Cat C car may be an issue for some insurance companies but not Brentacre. We understand that certain cars hold sentimental value or are too good to scrap. Give us a call to discuss our Cat C insurance policy on 01792 650 933.

Why Use Brentacre For Cat C Car Insurance?

  • New or classic vehicles covered
  • Covered against malicious damage, fire and theft
  • Agreed values and salvage retention
  • Knowledgeable UK Call centre
  • Legal expenses
  • Modifications covered

Insuring a Cat C Car

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Cat C Car Insurance

Insuring a Cat C Car

The categories given to written off cars changed as of October 2017. Cat D and Cat C categories have been replaced by Cat N and Cat S categories.

At Brentacre, we are able to insure any vehicle as long as it is road worthy and compared with other insurance companies, we are able to cover modifications.

If you are yet to repair the vehicle and its off-road, you may want to consider our SORN insurance policy to protect it against fire, theft and malicious damage.

We also provide insurance for other categories, which include:

For more information regarding our Cat C car insurance policy, call us now on 01792 650 933. Alternatively, you can use our online insurance quote form.

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