Trends show that a lot of younger drivers are getting into the classic car scene, which is fantastic for the future of classic cars. However, many younger drivers may find it difficult to get a classic car insurance policy that suits their personal requirements and is within their budget.

Classic cars, while their parts are not so readily available, look fantastic whether they are stock standard or modified. When it comes to a classic there’s something about the sharp edges and boxy interior that just looked the part when they were produced and makes them really stand out amongst the more rounded cars of today.

Strip back all the tech and you’re left with a car. A proper car. No bells and whistles.

Minimum Classic Car Insurance Age?

Whether you’re looking for modified car, campervan, classic car or anything in-between, the minimum age can be looked at on a case by case basis so it’s always worth giving us a call, but as a standard guideline, 21 years of age is what we look for with classic car insurance.

When we say case by case basis, there are some exceptions. For example, if you’ve grown up with classic cars, you understand them, respect them and aren’t just after a cheap premium. So, we can consider under 21 depending on experience and the vehicle you’re looking to insure.

Normally, a classic car would need to be your second car, so not your daily driver, but again depending on your circumstances, we may be able to consider if it is your only vehicle.


But is there a classic car insurance age limit?

Generally, yes, which is 75 but again we can look at these on a case by case basis.

Say for example you’re over the age of 75. Let’s say 78, but you’ve owned and driven the same vehicle for the last 30/40 years, this is something we would be happy to refer to the insurers to try to work something out, so the same as our minimum classic car insurance age, it’s always worth giving us a call to find out.

It’s not just the age of the person, it also comes down to the vehicle. For example, if a car is old, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a classic. This is something we look into a bit further on with what makes a car a classic?

To conclude, the minimum age for classic car insurance is 21. However, there are certain exceptions and it’s always worth getting in touch and letting us work our magic.