The DVLA have stopped issuing paper counterparts to new licences as of June 8th 2015. We (and others) will still need access to the endorsements. If you are required to send a copy of your or a named driver’s licence, please take the following steps:

1) Photocard or paper only licence; Scan/photograph/photocopy this as normal. We need both the front AND the back.

2) Endorsements (this applies to both photocard and paper-only licence holders).

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your driver number (found on your photocard or paper licence)
  3. Enter your National Insurance Number
  4. Enter your Postcode and hit continue (If you have lost some of these details, you can also log in using your name and address, click on the “log in using personal details” link near the bottom of the page.)
  5. Once logged in, click “Share Your Licence Information” at the top right.
  6. Click the green “Create Code” on the bottom left.This will generate a code and a PDF in the background.
  7. You now have one of two options:
  1. Directly underneath the code is a link which says “View, Print or Save your Licence Information”. Click this to download a PDF and email this directly to the email address on the documents we sent out.
  2. If you’re struggling, email or call with the code generated on screen and the last 8 characters of your driving licence number and we will be able to access it.

The DVLA have also released their own video tutorial: