Green Cards: What Do You Need To Know?

Green Cards

To pre-empt the possibility of a no-deal Bexit, insurers have begun to put in place processes should you wish to travel to the EU after 29th March 2019. The processes outlined here would be for any type of vehicle and insurance, from campervan insurance to your daily driver. Each insurer is, of course, different and so their processes also differ.

Below you’ll find a list of insurers and how to gain your Green Card. As always, the friendly and experienced team in the office will be more than happy to answer any questions.
These are the main insurers used here at Brentacre and we would advise contacting your Broker or insurance provider for full details on your policy.

In order to have your Green Card issued in time for your travel, you will need to inform us a minimum of 14 days prior to departure. If it’s less than this, we would not be able to guarantee that you would receive it in time and may be refused entry into the country. Similarly, if you’re travelling and your return is after the 29th March 2019, you may be refused exit. The information provided by the insurers may differ, but this is just to cover their own backs. Better be told to get too much and not need it than to under prepare and need it.

In addition to the Green Card, some insurers advise on obtaining an IDP (International Drivers Permit). All information pertaining to this can be found here


When do I need a Green Card?

If you are currently abroad and not due to return until after 29th March 2019

If you’re planning on travel and not returning until after 29th March 2019 

How will I receive my Green Card?

Send an email in to

In that email you will need to detail:

  • Surname
  • Postcode
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Dates Travelling
  • Who will be driving (must be someone already on your policy)
  • All countries you’ll be driving through
  • If you will be towing anything and if so, the weight

Once we’ve received all the required information, we will then issue you your Green Card which can either be sent in the post or if you wish, can be sent via email.

*PLEASE NOTE, IF YOU CHOOSE TO HAVE THIS EMAILED TO YOURSELF IT MUST BE PRINTED ON GREEN PAPER. * This must be completely green. No coloured borders of any kind.

What if I’m towing a Trailer or Caravan?

When you’re planning on towing something like a Trailer or Caravan, you may be able to have them on 1 Green Card. However, if they are in excess of 750kg, they may require a separate Green Card.

This may change as decisions and outcomes unfold and you can check on the GOV.UK website for any changes.

Will Digital Copies of Green Cards be Accepted?

In short, no. However, the Council of Bureaux and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe are looking into the possibility of digitalising Green Cards. More information can be found at either for personal lines of Insurance or for any commercial policies.



Much of the process is generally the same. The difference will come with what information is required by the insurers in order to issue the Green Card.

How Will I receive my Greencard?

Send an email in to

In that email you will need to detail:

  • Name
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Dates of travel
  • All drivers using the vehicle abroad
  • Countries travelling to/through

As before, we can either get this sent out in the post or via email and again, this needs to be printed on plain green paper and have no coloured borders. This can also be issued by the insurer themselves and they will send it out in the post. In both instances, we will deal with everything for you.

Additionally, Markerstudy advise getting an IDP (International Driver’s Permit) which can be acquired from the post office. As mentioned at the beginning, this isn’t something that other insurers have advised on and may just be cautionary, but further information can be found here

ERS (Equity Red Star)

By this point, we’ve pretty much covered all possibilities for how the Green Cards will be issued to yourself.

ERS, the same as the others, will be issued via post or email. Either way, it will and has to be on plain green paper (front and back). ERS have a FAQS page you can visit for any updates on their Green Cards and as always, we’re here to help.

Just follow this link and select Green Cards

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