Many of our policies come with a Driving Other Cars extension. This enables the policyholder (but not the named drivers) to drive other cars with third party cover only. This could allow you to borrow a friend’s car in an emergency, pick up a family member’s car from the MOT test center or stay mobile while your own car is having a service, a lifeline in the modern driver’s world.

The car must be fully taxed and road legal and you must have permission from the owner. It must also be insured on a private car policy; The extension does not cover vans, commercial vehicles or bikes and it does not extend to vehicles you own or are hired to you.

Different insurers vary the rules slightly so be sure to check your insurance policy booklet for full details and check your certificate to determine whether or not you have this extension. If in doubt, give us a call on 01792 650933.

When getting permission from the owner, make sure the owner is aware that you are covered third party only, the policy will not extend to damage to the car, personal injury, fire or theft of the vehicle. Liability however is yours for any injury or damage caused to third parties while driving the car.

We can usually offer the driving other cars extension to private car (or van) policyholders over 25 with no connection to the motor trade. There are no extra premiums or charges for this cover.

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