Pendine Sands Hot Rod Races 2014

Pendine Hot Rod Race 2014

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I’d been to the Pendine Sands Hot Rod Races, so I thought it was time to attach some photographs and write a few comments.

Firstly I must thank the VHRA for putting on the event, and allowing it to run so smoothly and with such a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Running events like this can’t be easy and I’m sure there are many hurdles and obstacles that need addressing that we will never be aware of, when we just turn up for our weekend of nostalgia. So thank you Neil and all at the VHRA! Your hard work is really appreciated.

Most of you will be aware that last year’s event achieved rave reviews, even gaining the title of ‘Best Show in the World’! So the pressure was certainly on to try and follow that. As a resident of Wales, living just half an hour from Pendine, I am acutely aware that the weather can play a big part in…well life in general. The weather for the whole weekend was fantastic and certainly helped the atmosphere. In fact I’m still peeling from the sunburn on my arms!

The VHRA members were out in force from throughout the UK, and there were even cars there from Germany. You’ll see from my pictures that there was a fantastic variation in vehicles which was encouraging to see. Every vehicle had two runs on each of the two days and although that was great to see, I think my favourite part was when they all drove back to the paddocks in convoy. A real sight to behold! Like a mirage of hot rods getting ever closer as they got back to the safety of the pits!

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. If you were thinking of making the trip West next year, put the date in your calendar and come along. If you own a suitable vehicle consider joining the VHRA and support the Club. Why not try and keep the scene alive and relevant by supporting a Club that is designed to give something back to its members? If you don’t have an appropriate vehicle, like me, go along anyway. You won’t be disappointed!
‘Best Show in the World’ is some accolade and is a very personal thing. How can you compare a Hot Rod show with the NEC Car Show for example? So if you ask me if Pendine Sands is the best show in the world, I’d have to say it’s the best show I’ve attended in over 20 years of going to classic, custom and hot rod events. Best show in the world?? Probably!

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