Who Needs Specialist Insurance For Their Campervan

Who Needs Specialist Insurance For Their Campervan

If you have converted your van into a campervan (Motorcaravan with the DVLA) then the answer is, you!

You want to ensure you get the correct level of campervan insurance for your hard work and money. Anyone serious about their camping and campervan should be serious about their insurance.

Campervans are becoming more and more popular and we think this trend is going to go on for a long time. Once the conversion is done, you can just hit the roads and go wherever you like (within reason).

Do I have a Motorhome or a Campervan?

There are many differences between Motorhomes and Campervans. Where they share similar features, it is beneficial to identify the difference between the two.

Campervans or converted Campervans are typically smaller than Motorhomes. Campervans are generally used for shorter periods of travel than the larger Motorhomes that are designed for extended periods of travel.

Motorhomes usually have the cab (driver and passenger seat) separate from the living areas whereas Campervans are usually more like an open plan style of living. One example of a campervan would be the Volkswagen California Campervan. It’s compact, yet perfect for a quick getaway.

Motorhomes can also be from conversions. Serious campers are converting coaches and trucks into what essentially becomes a little home, but these require are very specific type of insurance that many brokers stay clear from.

What Campervan cover does Brentacre Provide?

At Brentacre, we understand the need for getting the correct level of cover for your vehicle and as a modified vehicle specialist, we can ensure that level is met.

With the recent difficulties the DVLA have created when trying to change your vehicle on the V5 to a Motorcaravan, we’ve taken this into consideration and will insure you accordingly.

This means that if you have everything in place so the vehicle is essentially a campervan, we will treat it as such and provide the level of cover you would requires, including up to 365 days’ worth of European travel and increased contents cover.

Just some things to keep in mind to ensure there’s no problems in the event of a claim.

Fancy going for a surf? No problem, but we strongly advise against the use of key boxes. If you’re vehicle is stolen when a key box is used, insurers may see this as negligence and they would more than likely reject the claim.

There have also been some stories of people leaving their keys at local pubs or shops whilst they go out. Don’t. No matter how friendly you’ve become with the landlord or how well they pull a pint, if the keys are stolen from there this could also be classed as negligence and your claim may be rejected.

Partially Converted Campervans

Some insurers require that any conversions are done within a specific time frame and the time allowed varies from insurer to insurer.

Brentacre will not put a time on this. You can take weeks, months even years to complete your conversion and we’re still more than happy to provide cover.

Just let us know when additional modifications are added and we’ll make sure it’s added to the policy. When we say modifications, we mean anything cosmetic or performance enhancing. Cosmetic modifications can be such things as adding a bed, fitted kitchen, suspension changes such as coilovers or being lowered, changing the alloys.

Please keep in mind that anything cosmetic you add can be added to the policy free of charge, but any increase in performance may be chargeable.

You can keep your van partially converted and keep it is as day van. We’ll make sure it’s covered as such but won’t receive the same benefits as a full campervan conversion.


Different Types of Campervan Conversions

Campervans can be various stages. We’ll break down what each one is and what level of cover you’ll receive.

Day Van conversion

A day van is essentially a van with a bed. It’s intended for very short periods or single nights away. This would be treated as a standard modified van where all modifications would be covered on a like for like basis as with all modified vehicles covered with us. Allows up to 90 days-worth of European travel.

Partially Converted Campervans

As the name suggests, these are partially converted campers. This would usually be for someone who wants a converted camper but would rather have something like an external stove instead of having all fixed appliances. Usually for someone who wants a bit more space for things like bikes or wants the convenience of a camper whilst keeping some elements of traditional camping.

Again, this would be covered as a modified van and all modifications would be covered on a like for like basis. Allows up to 90 days’ worth of European travel.

Campervan in Conversion

You’re planning a fully-fledged campervan build and have intentions of changing the v5 with the DVLA to a Motorcaravan. You can read our other article on what’s required with the DVLA.

Either way, as mentioned previously if the DVLA are a bit awkward with changing the v5 we’ll still treat it is a motorcaravan. We’ll apply the European travel endorsement allowing up to 365 days’ worth of EU travel and also increase your contents cover.

Full Campervan Conversion

You’ve put blood, sweat and tears (not to mention lots of money) into your conversion, it’s now complete and could be classed as a Motorcaravan or the DVLA have updated the v5 without any issues. Fantastic! This means you’ve met the criteria as set out by the DVLA as mentioned in the article linked above.

We’ll give you the Campervan endorsement so you get up to 365 days of European travel, your contents cover will be increased and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ve got the right level of cover for almost any eventuality.

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