6 Popular Modifications That We Insure


At Brentacre, we insure a lot of modified cars that range from simple additions such as an exhaust to those that go all out with custom body panels. The list of modifications that you can do to your car is endless but what are the most popular? Below is a list of the most popular modifications that we insure.

Remap and Custom Tuning

The majority of vehicles can have their performance drastically improved by a simple remap. Remapping your vehicle is basically an adjustment in the ECU software in order to optimize the cars overall performance. Most tuning companies will offer various remaps from economy to performance based upgrades.

If you are browsing the various options that a company provide, you may notice various stages. Stage 1 remaps will not require any other modifications to the car and are usually far cheaper. Opting for a stage 2 remap will more than likely require an exhaust decat, performance air filters and a few other mods. Stage 3 to 5 is far more advanced with bigger injectors, fuel pumps and much more required.

Remapping your car will complete transform the way it drives but they do take their toll on other components. For example, the extra power and torque will increase the stress on parts such as the driveshaft and transmission.

Bodykits and Spoilers

From performance to the appearance of your vehicle. Upgrading the bumpers, side skirts and spoilers are a very popular modification for both cars and those in our modified van insurance polices.

Some body kits are fairly discrete or optional extras for the higher end models. For example, AMG/M Cars or RS models have upgraded bumpers, spoilers and side skirts but you may wish to have these on your current car.

Of course, may people may go all out with a flamboyant body kit, which may or may not be to everyone’s taste. Just take a look at some of these bodykits for an idea of “custom” body kits.

Audio Upgrades

Blaring music in your car whilst driving is something that we all love doing. However, for those that drive low specced cars or classic cars, the speakers may not be up to the job. From low levels of bass to high distortion at high volumes, these are defects that completely ruin the experience.

Upgrading the audio comes in the form of replacing the door speakers (often a standard 6.5 inch speaker), tweeters, subwoofer, radios and much more. All these will improve the audio hugely. However, many people forget the about car amplifier, which controls the signals for higher quality sound.


Alloy Wheels

Upgrading your wheels is one of the easiest modifications you can do to your vehicle. From upgraded factory wheels to aftermarket alloys, there is a wide variety available. Some people change their wheels for appearance whereas other choose a lightweight alternative for additional performance.

Along with your wheels, there are other modifications such as wheel spacers and hub adapters, which are all classed as modifications.

Exhaust System

Improving the exhaust system for additional performance or noise is very popular. If you are only wanting extra noise, you could opt for a simple silencer removal or aftermarket catback exhaust. However, for extra performance, a decat and modifications to the downpipes is almost certainly required.

However, with all exhaust modifications you will want to ensure that you abide by the latest MOT regulations.

Suspension – Lowered & Raised

Whether you want a stanced look or a lifted 4×4 for off-roading, there is a vast amount of suspensions modifications available. Lowering your car is far more popular with the choice of springs, coilovers or air ride kits available.

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